Day 1 - First Load Day

  • hCG injection in the morning as directed by physician
  • Eat at capacity with rich, high fat foods throughout the day, fulfill all your cravings focusing on high quality food high in FAT
  • Drink 100oz of water plus any other beverages you wish

During the first phase, you will begin with the hCG injections for weight loss and embark on eating extreme high fatty foods. Loading up on fat allows your body to create fat stores so that they are depleted before the hormone kicks in to shed abnormal fat.  You will OVEREAT high quality fat foods for the first two days as part of Phase 1 of the hCG Diet Plan.  The goal is to try and eat 50% more than your current calorie intake.  This phase is very important.  Do Not skip this step, it prepares your body for Phase 2.  Avoid high sugar foods during the loading phase.

Day 2 - Second Load Day

  • hCG injection in the morning as directed by physician
  • Eat to capacity high QUAILITY FAT FOOD throughout the day
  • Drink 100 oz of water plus any other beverages you wish
  • Avoid all body lotions and oil-based supplements




Baked Items



Cream Cheese



Fast Food

Fried Foods

Ice Cream


Mexican Foods

Oils & Dressings


Peanut Butter




Note: If you forget a dose, you may simply give yourself the injection at that time.  If you skip an entire day, do not double your dose the next day. hCG remains in the body for roughly 3 day.  However, remember it is best to take the hCG each morning.



Day 3+ - Phase 2  (Low Calorie Diet)

During the second phase, you will begin following the low-calorie diet of 500-750 calories a day (physician will determine calorie count) and continue with the hCG injection daily in the morning. The duration of this phase depends on which plan you chose. (30 day plan or 60 day plan).  Sticking to a very low-calorie diet is a necessary part of the process, and while challenging at times, it pays off when you finally reach your weight loss goals.  Remember to check in with physician weekly to review weight loss progress. Weekly consultations are Free.

  • Weigh yourself in the morning after emptying your bladder
  • Measure yourself weekly without clothes
  • hCG injection in the morning daily as directed by physician
  • No Fats! Follow the LCD plan and eat only the hCG approved food list
  • Drink 100oz of water (3 liters or 3 quarts)
  • No high intensity exercise or weight training
  • Ask physician about Phase 3 prior to Day 28 or Day 58)


Breakfast: Coffee/tea is unlimited throughout the day with stevia only, no sugar or dairy or other artificial sweetener. Two egg white omelet using vegetables from food list.

Lunch and Dinner: You can choose from the same options for both meals.

                                  1-PROTIEN 3.50 oz  (weigh pre-cooked)

                                  1-2 CUPS OF VEGETABLES

3 Snacks:         1-APPLE (CAN BE EATEN BEFORE NOON)

                           1-ADDITIONAL FRUIT

                           1-2 CUPS VEGETABLE

100 oz. WATER

Eat only from the approved list, drink your water, and eat fresh, not processed or artificial foods. Tip: You are not allowed to consume butter or oils.


To properly stabilize your new weight, it is imperative to continue following the physician’s instructions with the Transition and Maintenance phase of the hCG diet plan.  As Phase 3 progresses, your weight will become stable as long as you follow the guidelines.

As the last two days of Phase 2 approaches the physician will instruct you how to successfully transition to the 21 Day Maintenance Phase.  Following the hCG diet, you must complete a 21 day maintenance phase in which you will continue to eat the same foods listed on the hCG diet, except you are now able to eat any kind of protein.

Schedule FREE Telehealth eVisit consultation with Physician Day 28 or Day 58 (depending on plan)

Increase calorie count to 1000-1300 (same food list, just larger portion)

Double your lunch and dinner protein portions

Weight yourself in the morning (after emptying bladder)


The transition to Phase 3-Maintenance will be a time to reset your metabolism via the hypothalamus gland to help you maintain your new weight without unintentional weight gain or weight loss.

During this phase, your new calorie count is going to be within 1100-1300 calories per day, depending on what physician determines is best for you. You will be gradually increasing your calorie count each week, under Dr. orders.  You should continue to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after emptying your bladder but prior to eating, as this is considered your “real” weight.

Should weight gain occur, you will be advised to drop your calorie count down between 500-750 as if you were on the hCG diet again (without the hCG injection). This will be for just one specific day and should correct the weight gain by the following morning. Please ensure you contact the office if there is no difference in weight.

Avoid major stressors in your life, as stress is one of the major causes of weight gain. Look into going to the gym, running or yoga, keeping your body engaged and centered!  Doing this phase properly is of utmost importance for your long-term success and weight goals!

**Please be advised that consuming white flour and white sugars over an extended period may lead to rapid weight gain.  You should be mindful that there are no health benefits in eating white flour and sugars as they are "empty calories" and will convert to FAT**


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