Refill of Vitamin and Amino Acids (Lipotropic) injections for energy and weight loss.

Submit a Request for a Refill by clicking the button below. A Complete Diet Solutions Representative will contact you directly to review your "Health Check-up" and complete your order. We are glad you are taking advantage and accessing quality Vitamin and Lipotropic Injections as well we hCG Injections.  We take pride in our customer service and providing you with high quality medication and supplements under medical direction and assistance. 



If it has been more than six months since your last eVisit or you have used all three of your authorized refills, then you will need to schedule a FREE follow up eVisit appointment with our physician on staff.  Please make an appointment by clicking the Request an eVisit button.  We are glad to offer secure two-way face to face video communication between our patients and medical staff.  This technology and service allows access to medical services without missing work or costing extra.  We look forward to helping you reach your personal health goals.


What Our Patients Say About Our Products & Service

Dealing with this company is a breeze and a pleasure.  Karen is caring and comforting to deal on all order details and advise on the quality products.  Dr. Greig was great in all aspects of my medical needs and advised on how to handle my health concerns.  Thanks to CDS and I will Def. Recommend in near future.                                                                                      Tony C.


I love this company.  Excellent service.  Karen is the best in customer service. 

Just recommended this company and products to several friends.                    

                                                                                              Kathleen T.

I love the service.  Being able to talk to a skilled doctor without having to load my kids in the car and then have them behave while I see the doctor, is fantastic.  i like that if I have questions I can call and get them answered.  The product I have been using is the MIC and it has been great.  It has helped with eliminating sugar cravings which I didn't necessarily expect.  I have lost 15 pounds in a month.  I just did what the doctor told me to do and it is paying off.                                T.  Call
CDS has been a miracle for me!  I have a chronic illness that causes fatigue and other neurological symptoms.  I've been using the Super Lipo and B12 and it has made a marked improvement in my quality of life. And I don't say that lightly. I have used many, many products to combat my chronic illness symptoms and I consistently have batter days after using these two products and have for the last 1.5 years. Their service is prompt, personalized and considerate.  I often recommend CDS to other people and am so pleased to do so here as well.                                                                                       M. Robinson
Great customer service with Karen, quality products. Dr. Greig is awesome and caring.  The consultation thru two way video is a plus especially with my work schedule.  I got to see and talk with the doctor without taking time off of work AND getting stuck in traffic.  My product arrived quickly AND I feel better and looking good.                                              K. Burkley