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We are passionate about what we do, which is why we always try tofind ways to make life easier for you. Our TeleHealth Consultations using eVisit are HIPAA Compliant, simple and straightforward. We love our patients and strive to offer simple health solutions in the quickest time while rendering excellent services and products. Get started with our health consultations today with quick steps as easy as counting 1,2,3. Meet our board-certified physicians face to face through our secure 2-way video platform from wherever you are.

Our doctor-supervised program allows full access to high-quality healthy products that offer solutions focusing on nutritional enhancement, lifestyle modification, increased energy and weight loss management. It's a win-win, ensuring you get the best of an e-consultation and our products. 

Getting Started is Simple!  We have outlined it below to keep it hassle-free. 

Have questions call us at 877-344-4547 or email admin@completedietsolutions.org

*You must utilize Google Chrome or Firefox if using a desktop or laptop for consultation.

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Due to recent Regulation changes, the pharmacy we work with has had to make some changes.  These changes restrict us from shipping to Alabama.  

They are working hard to make changes and eliminate any further restrictions.  We will continue to publish updates as we learn more information.


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More and more people are relying on TeleHealth as a way to maintain their health and wellness goals.  Our online services make getting our products quick and easy, giving you confidence you are purchasing the best products to enhance your health.  Regulations require you to receive a consultation with a licensed medical professional in order to receive any vitamin or nutraceutical injections.

Accessing our services can be done from where ever you are.  As a New Patient, your first step is to register for a free eVisit account and schedule your TeleHealth consultation.  Your eVisit account will allow you to communicate with the physician through a secure video chat platform and email questions or concerns through your patient portal as needed.  Following your consultation, place your order and we will do the rest.  You can expect to receive email confirmations for both your order/purchase and shipping details.